Welcome to our first ever blog!

We hope everyone likes our new website, for many years now our visitors have been asking for an online shop and so finally we have joined the 21st century.  Anyone reading this may find the current stock level a bit on the low side but don’t worry we have lots more to put up……we have quite literally tons of it. In our industry we have one of the most varied and  largest stock holdings in the UK, not bad for a family firm up in the Highlands but pretty bad for my back!

The aim of this blog will be to share some of the experiences that a museum such as ours creates over the year. Everything from the yawning chasm of loneliness that is the Winter season (we are open all year round) to the manic, barely controlled excitement that is the Summer season in Lochaber, I hope you enjoy reading these blogs and we hope to welcome you at the museum soon.

Jon & Karen